Bally Unveils Pennant Motif

Bally adds a touch of vintage luxury to this season’s pieces with the introduction of the Pennant motif, bringing modern elegance to classic styles.

For this autumn, legendary Swiss leather goods house Bally looked to its house archives for design inspiration. The brand recently introduced a new ready-to-wear and accessories collection featuring the Pennant motif, inspired by a vintage sports flag print.

The iconic print brings retro sports feel to luxurious silk pyjamas and sleek leather bags for both men and women. Mixing leisure and luxury, the pyjama set is designed to be worn together as a chic loungewear look or separately with denim and suede pieces for a more casual vibe.

For men, Bally offers two new bag styles featuring the heritage print: a practical pochette, allowing for freedom of movement and mobility, and a hands-free satchel that brings versatility and ease of use, ideally suited for today’s dynamic lifestyle. These practical yet elegant accessories effortlessly add Bally’s signature Swiss quality and timeless style to any outfit.

The new collection strikes a perfect balance between Bally’s rich heritage and contemporary chic. With nods to archival motifs and silhouettes, the Pennant pieces bring a fresh, vintage-inspired spin to sophisticated luxury essentials.