To celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, BOSS has collaborated with renowned novelist and calligrapher Feng Tang on a dragon-themed capsule collection that draws inspiration from traditional Chinese calligraphy. Rooted in the symbolic power and wisdom of the dragon, this collection embodies the essence of belief, courage, heralding the new year with anticipation and dreams.

In his collaboration with BOSS, Feng Tang takes cues from Chinese characters and traditional patterns, crafting a modern and minimalist calligraphy style that showcases the dragon character as the hero motif of the collection. The fusion of the pattern featuring twin dragons traversing through jade discs and the BOSS logo creates a magnificent spectacle, complemented by Feng Tang’s handwritten excerpts from the poem “Luoshen Fu (The Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River)” and additional calligraphy pieces. 

These exclusive pieces for the Year of Dragon embrace classic red and black tones with milky white accents. The collection features a range of men’s and women’s items, from classic collegiate-style baseball jackets and casual sweatshirts, to knitwear pieces and T-shirts. The leather and wool-blend collegiate-style baseball jacket plays with material juxtaposition and distinctive custom patterns, accented by a calligraphy-print lining, in a fresh reinterpretation of this gender-neutral BOSS classic. Giant calligraphy patterns adorn knit sweaters and loose-fit cardigans, adding a comfortable and stylish touch to new year styling. Sweatshirts and tracksuit bottoms showcase the twin dragons traversing through jade discs, with exquisite embroidery around the BOSS logo. The collection also includes red womenswear pieces, complemented by leather sneakers adorned with calligraphic strokes and dragon scale embossments, presenting a complete collection that radiates a pure Chinese festive atmosphere in harmony with BOSS aesthetics.

Singer and actor Leo Chen takes the spotlight as the face of the captivating BOSS Lunar New Year campaign. Born in the Year of the Dragon, young musician Leo has earned widespread attention for his dedication and passion for music, making him an emblematic figure for the new generation.

Under the creative direction of Trey Laird and his agency, Team Laird, the campaign turns imaginative concepts into reality. Dragon shadows gracefully move through Chinese screens, with Leo in BOSS-crafted festival looks interacting with mythical creatures. The flying dragons dance between heaven and earth, symbolizing the auspicious expectations for the new year. Emerging Chinese photographer Ma Hailun captures the essence in the stills, portraying Leo with unprecedented confidence in styles from the BOSS Lunar New Year capsule and BOSS Eyewear collections.

The BOSS Lunar New Year Capsule will be available in selected BOSS stores globally and on

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