Carter & White, the homegrown Dubai bespoke bed and bath linen brand, has announced a strategic partnership with Dynamiq, the high-quality Italian super yacht builder.

Comfortable sleep is essential on-board yachts and Carter & White are the best in the business as specialists having to deal with bedding even in the famously hot and humid climate of the Middle East, where summer temperatures can soar to 50 degrees Celsius.

Together, the two luxury brands have developed a dedicated bedding and bathroomware collection for all Dynamiq models. The Dynamiq collection is made of the famous extra-light long-tail Giza type of Egyptian cotton, the quality of which has long been appreciated by royalty and wealthy individuals all over the world.

This cotton not only lasts longer, it can also hold up through years of constant washing and keep its colour intact. The collections can be selected using the online configurator at www.bedynamiq.com. The benefit for Dynamiq clients is getting the best possible quality of bed linen that can be adapted to the interior design and bed size, as well as colour palettes that are carefully selected to match the interior style.

“All great journeys begin with a vision,” said Marwan Al Serkal, Founder of Carter & White. “For us that vision was to give birth to a prestigious Middle Eastern brand that would appeal to the most discerning individuals.

We wanted to create products that were at the pinnacle of luxury and refinement, combining sublime comfort with timeless tailoring – and an impeccable attention to detail. “We saw the same attention to detail, the vision and same passion for quality, above all else, at Dynamiq. It’s an ideal opportunity for us to showcase our products with a prestigious, boutique, high-quality yacht manufacturer that’s gaining incredible market share globally based on its quality foundations,” Marwan added.