Flying Above the Waves

Silent, emission-free, and flying above the waves at 30 knots. Candela C-7, the world’s first electric hydrofoil craft, was exhibited at the Cannes Yacht Festival.

The Swedish tech company Candela showcased their revolutionary flying electric boats at the annual Cannes Yacht Festival. The electric boat maker has established itself as the top electric boat manufacturer in Europe, leading electric boat sales with their first model, the Roadster of the seas: Candela C-7.

Thanks to computer-controlled hydrofoils, Candela’s crafts soar above the water at high speeds and with greater range than any other electric offering on the market. The hydrofoils reduce energy consumption by 80 per cent compared to conventional combustion engine boats and allow for better endurance, and a smoother ride, than any other electric craft on the market.

Hailed by Forbes as “the Tesla moment of the marine industry”, Candela is now rapidly expanding its model programme.

Another recent launch from the brand was the Candela C-8, a 28-foot, next-generation electric day-cruiser equipped with the Candela C-POD. This is the company’s proprietary electric drive train, which is also the most efficient boat motor on the market.

Candela’s mission is to speed up the transition to fossil fuel-free lakes and oceans. Candela C-7 is the world’s first electric hydrofoil boat in serial production and combines long range, high speed and a silent drive train. The C-7 is the first electric boat that can outperform fossil fuel powerboats.