Gulf Craft’s Majesty 120 Superyacht wins in two prestigious categories at the BOAT International Design and Innovation Awards 2023.

Gulf Craft’s Majesty 120 Superyacht was named the winner in the ‘Eco Award’ and ‘Best Naval Architecture, Semi Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts’ categories.

The vessel took the ‘Eco Award’ for the Majesty 120’s innovative energy-efficient heat recovery system. Gulf Craft has been developing new ways to improve the energy efficiency of its onboard systems and minimise electrical consumption, leading to smaller generators and lower fuel consumption. The new HVAC system, together with a holistic approach to the integration of other onboard systems, has been developed and installed on board the Majesty 120 in collaboration with Netherlands-based MAR-IX advanced HVAC systems.

The systems significantly reduce the electric load on-board, saving more than 80,000KW per year for basic systems (like hot water heating and fresh air re-heater). The remarkably lower e-load ensures lower fuel consumption in the generators and lower shore power usage, which ultimately reduces the vessel’s carbon footprint, resulting in a more sustainable operation as well as lower operational costs.

Gulf Craft was also awarded the ‘Best Naval Architecture in the Semi Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts’ category for its outstanding design. The Majesty 120 impressed BOAT International’s panel of esteemed judges with its energy-efficient naval architecture, along with maximising the indoor-outdoor living capabilities the Majesty line is known for.

The 2023 edition of the Design and Innovation Awards celebrated the very best in naval architecture, innovation and engineering across nine sought-after categories.