Maserati Collaborates with David Beckham

Maserati Teams Up with David Beckham for Exclusive Collection

Football legend David Beckham collaborates with Maserati to design a bespoke collection of custom-built luxury cars, the Fuoriserie Essentials, blending his iconic style with Italian grandeur.

Maserati, the renowned luxury car manufacturer, has unveiled its first-ever Fuoriserie Essentials collection in collaboration with global brand ambassador and style icon, David Beckham. The collection represents a curated selection of custom-built cars, designed to inspire car enthusiasts to create their own unique vision of the ultimate Italian luxury sports car.

David Beckham, known for his impeccable sense of style, drew inspiration from Maserati’s classic cars and his own Savile Row wardrobe to create the Fuoriserie DB Essentials collection. It showcases Beckham’s contemporary re-interpretation of some of Maserati’s most timeless icons.

David’s first configuration in the DB Essentials collection pays homage to the elegant 1967 Maserati Ghibli coupé. He chose a stunning Night Interaction blue colour for the exteriors, complemented by a rich tan shade for the luxurious leather interiors. The second configuration is a tribute to the rare and exclusive 1986 Maserati Quattroporte Royale, with an exterior paint colour of Verde Royale (dark green) and warm brown leather upholstery.

Each car in the Fuoriserie DB Essentials collection features an exclusive metal plate that celebrates the collaboration between Maserati and David Beckham. This special plate is prominently displayed either on the central tunnel between the front seats or between the two headrests, adding a unique touch to these limited-edition vehicles.

“Fuoriserie means ‘custom-built’ in Italian and our Trident’s customisation programme is conceived to create singular experiences for our clients,” said Klaus Busse, Head of Design at Maserati. “Our wish here is for them to express their personality and passion by creating their very own Maserati. Just like David, everyone can choose from a wide range of personalisation features from our Fuoriserie Corse collection, inspired by Maserati’s glorious racing heritage and from our Fuoriserie Futura collection, dedicated to lovers of technology and new materials.”

The Fuoriserie DB Essentials configurations are now available upon request for two of Maserati’s exceptional models: the MC20 super sports car and the Grecale SUV. The MC20 combines performance, sportiness and luxury, showcasing the brand’s racing DNA. On the other hand, the Grecale offers a perfect balance between versatility, elegance and performance, making it an ideal choice for everyday driving.

By combining Beckham’s distinctive style with Maserati’s legendary heritage, the Fuoriserie DB Essentials collection offers a truly bespoke experience for discerning car enthusiasts who seek to make a statement on the road.