Opulence Meets Sushi

Somewhere between the East-Asian delicacies, locally sourced ingredients, and a touch of French flair, Hadag’s Sara Waddah was in awe at the Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa’s luxury dining destination; Maison Sushi.

Making our way into Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa’s epicurean highlight – Maison Sushi – we arrived in time to catch not only golden hour, but also one of the most magnificent sunsets we’ve laid eyes on lately. Striding up to the second floor, where the venue lies, the panoramic windows gave us a full view of the hotel’s luxurious private beach and its adjacent waters. The light evenly distributed itself over the water as the sun set, leaving behind fleeting shades of yellow, red, and orange as it began to fade away. 

We were encouraged to dine on a table that was strategically placed in the corner of the restaurant, allowing us to enjoy the closing moments of that incredible sunset before turning our attention to Maison Sushi’s luxurious interiors. Because slow and steady wins the race, we started with edamame that was accented with shichimi and sea salt flakes, and arguably the best we’ve had in Bahrain. Meanwhile, Chef Myo Zaw Khine was steadily warming up our palates for the culinary surprises in store. 

A sample of the Dynamite Shrimp later, we were more than ready to dive tastebuds first into the rest of the menu, but in keeping with our surroundings, we sought patience. After all, it’s the Japanese who say, “Victory belongs to those who wait half an hour longer than their opponent.” As we sharpened our chopsticks in anticipation, out came the Signature Sushi Sashimi assortment (presented in a beautiful ice sculpture) and Blow Torched Dynamite Rolls. After spending a few moments gazing at the set-up, we got right into it.

Achieving the perfect balance of texture, and crisp flavours, we were infatuated by the sushi! Unbelievably fresh, the ingredients used are of a high-end calibre and we can appreciate the attention and care to detail that has gone into this menu.

After devouring the signature rolls faster than we’d care to admit, we paused for a breather before the leading attraction: the mains. Indulgent options were offered, and we left it to the graceful Chef Myo. He served us the Hyogo Prefecture Wagyu Yakhi and Negi Tori Teri Kushiyaki, both cooked to glorious excellence, and inundated in teriyaki sauce that stirred our tastebuds, flawlessly.

Not only was the presentation of the Wagyu set to the highest of standards, but the tenderness of the meat – paired with asparagus and shimeji mushrooms – made this dish the stuff of luxury gastronomic dreams. And the Negi Tori Teri Kushiyaki, which is actually skewered chicken and leeks, is a close second. With just the right flavours, spices, and ingredients, nothing overpowered any aspect of the dish, ensuring that it all consistently worked together.

Maison Sushi’s culinary experience should always end with a sweet note. We were treated to a selection of the very best Mochi Ice Cream and, after making our way through several gourmet flavours, the Vanilla Cheesecake Mochi won our vote. An impeccable way to finish our meal