For Autumn 2022, TUMI explores the concept of “Future Earth.” Looking towards the new world, TUMI re-examined its innovations to help better every journey – and the planet. Technical and material innovations are only the beginning.

TUMI’s goal is to reduce the ecological footprint it leaves behind while increasing the impact it has on its clients’ lives. TUMI achieves this through timeless designs that run parallel to its mission of creating built-to-last products that remain in the world for generations to come.

“It is more important than ever for us to understand the world we live in and take responsibility for what we create to coexist within it,” says TUMI Creative Director, Victor Sanz. “We will continue fortifying our core strengths by marrying technology and the digital space with sustainable innovations. We’ve also examined the natural landscape for inspiration on colour and texture. We are creating our future Earth.”

Exemplifying this commitment is TUMI’s assortment of hard side carry-ons and packing cases, including their iconic 19 Degree collection. In aluminium, TUMI introduces a new ombre colourway that is both contemporary and classic.

A special sustainable edition of 19 Degree polycarbonate travel collection launches, with shells and linings made with recycled materials. Matte finish with speckling throughout is a first for the collection.

Travel is a key focus for the brand as it knows the world is ready to travel again. The new Tegra-Lite travel collection is sleeker than ever and will be available as a carry-on for short trips and extended trip sizes. Each will have the option of an included front pocket to streamline travel even more. What truly sets this collection apart, while also tying it into TUMI’s commitment to sustainability, is the introduction of components made from recycled materials with enhanced durability, and TUMI+ accessory compatibility.

TUMI+ is an ecosystem of add-ons that enhance the carrying capacity and function of select styles. It grows this season with even more additions that will help uncomplicate any journey.

TUMI expands upon its Alpha Bravo collection with new colours and fabrications. The collection channels its signature go-anywhere, do-anything energy with a lightweight, minimalist collection featuring core styles reimagined in neutral, textured nylon fabric. Its design language is distilled from classic puffer styling and the idea of adding even more protection for your belongings with visible cushioning.

For the business and commute oriented, TUMI debuts its most compact backpack yet, the Harrison William. Similarly versatile is the Port Weekend Duffel which has its place in the gym and on the road. TUMI also launches Harrison bestsellers in upcycled leather, holding true to their commitment to sustainability.

TUMI and longstanding partner McLaren take their collection one step further creating pieces that reflect their shared value of high-performance design. The core pieces of the collection will be launched in CX6 carbon fibre. Known for its exceptional strength, carbon fibre enhances the strength of each silhouette and elevates modern appeal.

TUMI continues its foray into the world of women’s bags with delicate prints, palettes, and silhouettes. Pink Metallic, Zinc and Beetroot are some of the colourways coming in for Fall.

Voyageur shows off its sophisticated side with three new leather bags. The Liv Backpack can either be worn as a backpack or carried as a tote, making it the quintessential everyday bag. The spacious Adrian Carryall brings a stylish new attitude to Voyageur Leather. The Helena Crossbody comes with a delicate gold chain strap that is removable, so the bag can also be worn as a clutch or a wristlet.

With a focus on wellness and adaptability, TUMI brings another innovative yoga bag to their lineup. The Yoga Sling Tote effortlessly converts from a crossbody sling that’s sized to hold a yoga mat, into a modern, oversized tote.