Dive into the world of sophisticated elegance with Salvatore Ferragamo’s latest Autumn and Winter 2023 collection, a fusion of vintage charm and contemporary style.

For Autumn and Winter 2023, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Creative Director, Maximilian Davis, takes us on a journey to Hollywood, the brand’s second home during the ‘50s. Drawing inspiration from the era’s glamour, beauty and cinematic allure, Maximilian Davis blends artistic references, biker-style influences and Renaissance draping to redefine Ferragamo’s legacy with modern codes.

This ready-to-wear collection showcases high-quality design, balancing classic style with contemporary appeal. It embodies sophisticated yet restrained elegance, revitalising the brand’s heritage with a modern language. Immaculate yet versatile styles effortlessly let you transition from intense workdays to relaxed weekends.

A distinctive feature is the introduction of slashes, disrupting traditional sensibilities. Sharply sliced suiting and leathers with hidden bursts of colour reflect Maximilian’s meticulous aesthetic and the rebellious spirit of ‘50s greasers.

Biker-inspired elements are woven throughout, with flocked velvet or coated metallic denim, white viscose tanks and unique brogues.

Delving into Ferragamo’s archives, exotic prints are reimagined, screen-printed onto shearling, leather and ponyskin accessories with a subtle distortion, seamlessly blending the past and the future. The iconic Wanda bag from Spring and Summer 1998 undergoes a contemporary transformation, emerging in fresh proportions and adorned with new hardware.

Maximilian sums it up by saying: “This is my take on what people from the ’50s would think of the future: alienated metallics and high shine.”

This sentiment captures the season’s spirit – a journey of imagination and reinvention, bridging eras and cinematic aesthetics with a modern Ferragamo twist.