Hadag embarked on a journey of perfection when we took Rolls-Royce Spectre, the renowned marque’s first ultraluxury electric super coupé, on a sublimely silent drive to some of Bahrain’s iconic destinations.

In 1900, Rolls-Royce co-founder, Charles Rolls, prophesied an electric future for the marque. Almost 120 years later, the company’s then CEO, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, recognised that electrification technology had progressed sufficiently to support the iconic and demanding Rolls-Royce Motor Cars experience and gave an undertaking to make it happen.

After exhaustively rigorous testing, Spectre was born offering instant torque, silent running and the sense of one imperceptible gear.

On a journey of perfection we took Spectre to Raffles Al Areen Palace Bahrain, the 400-year-old Tree Of Life and Dar al-Naft Oil Museum, which tells the story of the Kingdom’s modern wealth.

With the marque’s emblematic Spirit of Ecstasy figurine leading the way, we delighted in introducing Rolls-Royce’s new icon to these other symbols of exclusive luxury, history and heritage.

We discovered that, in the words of Torsten Müller-Ötvös: “Spectre is a Rolls-Royce first, an electric car second. It is a statement of intent and a symbol of a bright, bold future as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars progresses into an all-electric era.”

Rolls-Royce Spectre
Photographer | A.N.Production
Location | Raffles Al Areen Palace Bahrain