Vision. Authenticity. The essence that permeates the way of being and of making.

The Santoni Men’s SS22 collection is a vivid and modern representation of an unprecedented point of view: an aesthetic redefinition of a fluid daily wear, in which the codes of formal and casual blend to give life to a new and current interpretation of the men’s world.

A strong sense of freedom, a relaxed attitude and a neat self-confidence characterize this collection. The lines are pure and essential, and express a natural and innate refinement. The detail makes the difference and contains the secret of the absolutely handmade gesture that gives life to the unmistakable Santoni style. As for the colour, the soul of the brand, which characterizes every single creation with its nuances, its richness, and its three-dimensionality. The shades, as always inspired by the beauty of Santoni’s homeland, Le Marche, are skilfully mixed by the Maison’s master craftsmen and enhance design and material, giving the product an impalpable depth. Among all, the loafers with a gradient nuance that passes through the tones of Morro to Argilla stand out.

The nuance of the season is Infinito, the powder blue so elegant as to be a neutral, which harmoniously accompanies the tones of Collina, Astrale, Terra Bruciata, Notte, and Terracotta.

New stitching and puffed details draw the profiles of loafers with penny or double buckle, giving a neat and contemporary personality and enhancing the design.

Loafers become soft, destructured: suede, nubuck, unlined calfskin are worked with special techniques and combined with light soles, in leather as well as in ultralight rubber. With the same concept, bags, backpacks, and small accessories acquire an effortless and relaxed appeal, accompanied by the use of refined materials and the modernity of the lines.

 Light shades combined with a pictorial taste give the sneakers a tactile and sophisticated softness, and the use of canvas and play of perforations add lightness to these styles.

The Santoni Orange covers the entire collection with sophistication, connoting details, soles, seams and profiles with its vibrant and recognizable touch.

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