BOSS: The Collection

The Olfactive Tailoring by BOSS

To each tradition, its dress code; to each occasion, its fragrance.

From the everyday to the extraordinary, the myriad of facets individuals express every day adhere to the same rules for fragrance as they do for fashion.

To illustrate the scents that dress a man, The Collection has produced an olfactory stylebook: the essence and expertise of BOSS Tailoring encapsulated in a collection of eight essential men’s fragrances.

Each Menswear Essential has inspired its olfactory alter-ego. Eloquently contrasted, each composition has been tailored to express the brand signature style, fashioned with the most flawless ingredients for an eminently elegant fragrance wardrobe.

Fragrance and clothing: the same inimitable signature

Just one look, and all know the man is wearing BOSS. Now the same unique signature of timeless elegance, quality materials and winning style are united in a unique fragrance wardrobe of eight masculine must-haves.

With the same hand-crafted skill, the tailor deploys to create stunning one-of-a-kind couture art, each of the eight essential olfactory garments of The Collection have been painstakingly crafted and captured in glass: the iconic bottle with its sleek lines is embellished with a distinctive couture garment label. Its thermo-luster finish sublimates the hue and intensity of the liquid “fabric”, each corresponding to a Menswear Essential. Colored cylinders on metal bases are the perfect touch to this rare collection.

Olfactive essentials for every style and occasion

Vigorous Cologne
A woody citrus for an extra-slim fit.

With its yellow notes of citrus, Vigorous Cologne is The Collection’s response to the classic, immaculate white shirt: the alpha and omega of every elegant man’s wardrobe, and symbol of spotless success. The iconic citrus structure is amplified by a woody patchouli fiber that brings body and character. A jolt of clean, invigorating freshness.

Energetic Fougère
Unfailing freshness fit to travel the world.

Inspired by the iconic travel suit, with fibers that move and breathe to maintain the shape, Energetic Fougère is a promise of a perfect silhouette. Like a fabric that never wrinkles, artemisia brings the unfailing aromatic freshness to the fougère structure. The base of this olfactory garment is enriched with creamy sandalwood to create a handsome look that stays smooth and chic.

Magnetic Musk
A long coat of musk with a caress of cashmere.

Magnetic Musk captures the stunning velvet beauty of the BOSS quintessential object of desire, the long cashmere coat. The infinite warm of musk and sandalwood accords pulsating in unison produces a fluid, satiny effect. Like the sleek lining of a luxurious long coat, the silken sillage of this creation caresses as it envelopes.

Elegant Vetiver
A suit all-in-vetiver, for elegance that’s made-to-measure.

Elegant Vetiver replicates the moment of pure gratification when stepping into a suit made-to-measure. From head to foot, the full-length figure of a man in vetiver is flattered to the extreme thanks to pistachio – an unexpected gourmand guest star. This olfactory garment stands in a class of its own, like the perfect custom-made suit.

Noble Wood
A distinguished wood, as dashing as a cashmere sweater.

Noble Wood conjures up the epitome of masculine magnificence: the high-fidelity, high-definition finesse of a cashmere knit. From the collar to the cuff of this turtleneck sweater, the form of a man’s frame is emphasized with the encounter between a most noble oakwood and vintage whiskey.

Daring Saffiano
Black leather for a signature-scent patina

This Menswear essential, with its legendary sleek design, now showcases its olfactory image and likeness. Daring Saffiano, explores the powerful contrast of urban tailored leather with a sensual grain’s sheen and rose geranium leaf. The mark of an authentically forceful identity.

Bold Incense
Crescendos of frankincense and fruit for a scent of the suede jacket that’s nirvana on skin

If the Menswear essential suede jacket were reincarnated in a fragrance, its name would be Bold Incense. To incarnate the perfect dose of audaciousness and style the fragrance twists the ultimate temptation of the frankincense, with a hint of exuberant ultra-modern plum.

Confident Oud (to be released at a later date)
A tuxedo-as-fragrance for oud in all its illustriousness

Confident Oud assumes leading-man role surrounded by the finest cast of materials. Oud, the definition of sophistication, and staple of luxury and distinctiveness. Other suave and dapper ingredients gravitate around this golden sun-ruler for a red-carpet composition that radiates glamour.

A most elegant talent

The face embodying the ultimate elegance of this collection is internationally reputed model and photographer Johannes Huebl, a man of infinitely singular style in the image of the successful BOSS man. Johannes personifies what BOSS stands for and offers in Menswear; it was quite natural to turn to the German-born power-influencer and seek his participation in The Collection.

The communication campaign

For each scent, an artistic photograph proposes a BOSS fashion essential alongside a star fragrance ingredient, showcasing each perfume as the couture creation it represents.

BOSS The Collection is available in a 100ml format.