Discover Brunello Cucinelli’s Made-to-Measure program: Sartoria Solomeo


Born from the convergence of new trends and artisan expertise, the men’s collection fully expresses a taste for laid-back elegance, founded on a refined yet relaxed balance between sophistication and verve. A skilful nonchalance that feeds on the knowledge of tradition and offers a new interpretation of style: fresh, innovative, and capable of conveying harmony and coherence for any occasion.



The pleasure and prestige of the sartorial world are transferred to elements with a relaxed style, effortlessly enriching everyday life. The real protagonist of the season is the suit. An interpreter of business elegance as much as of daily, leisure and summer dressing. Blazers and trousers worn separately also reflect the modern versatility of the suit as it adapts to the evolving needs of the day in a captivating and dynamic manner. The calibrated softness of knitwear volumes, trousers, T-shirts and shirts boost the sense of ease and comfort of the contemporary suits and of casual style alike. The knowledgeable union of natural fibres, special textures, and mélange or délavé effects that give depth to the colours enhance the most lightweight fabrics.



Colours brighten up to play a key role in the collection, as they spread a summery taste in a rich variety of declinations and in all categories of clothing. Ginger-hued red, salmon orange, sunflower yellow and above all a wide range of light blues such as periwinkle, Oxford and ultramarine harmoniously combine with the array of greys, blues and in particular the light beiges that represent the cornerstone of the collection. Patterns play a marginal role in comparison with the variety of textures, structures and special colour-enriching effects, conferring three-dimensionality and unique characteristics to elements across the collection.



Lightweight and summery knitwear displays ample creativity through its use of fresh and natural yarns, enriched by vivid seasonal colours and by refined details that instil contemporary appeal into traditional stitches. Classic models and the distinctive proposals of the Brunello Cucinelli collections are joined by new lightweight sweaters, which reinterpret the breezy style of T-shirts and polo shirts in versions with a high level of craftsmanship.



Enriched by prestigious materials and exquisite manual workmanship, the generous collection of accessories has been developed to complement the look and meet new needs in a versatile and contemporary manner. The footwear proposal expands to strengthen the selection of styles for any occasion: from formal to lightweight and dynamic casual styles, up to the capsule dedicated to the summer months featuring the most relaxed designs, which are enriched by rope details reminiscent of a nautical appeal. Thanks to the careful selection of natural and innovative materials, the utmost attention to lightness, comfort and flexibility characterizes the entire footwear collection