eFoiling adventures with Lift Foils' Lift Jet


Elevate your eFoiling adventures with Lift Foils’ Lift Jet propulsion, where safety and performance converge for an unparalleled water-based experience.

Lift Foils, the trailblazers of electric hydrofoil technology, have once again transformed the eFoiling landscape with the introduction of the revolutionary Lift Jet. This cutting-edge addition, featuring a fully enclosed impeller, places safety at the forefront while elevating performance and efficiency.

Ensuring a thrilling ride across the water, the Lift Jet prioritises safety without compromising the high standards Lift Foils is known for. The fully enclosed impeller, a pioneering design, is gated on both ends, delivering maximum safety during your ride while providing a smoother, steadier acceleration, ideal for beginners and experienced eFoilers alike.

Customisability is key to the Lift eFoil experience, and the Lift Jet is one of the many available propulsion options. Constructed from premium Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), it offers durability and rigidity, ensuring exceptional performance while damping vibrations for a powerful yet quiet ride.

The Lift Jet reduces drag and provides smoother acceleration compared to Lift Foils’ original Fixed Aluminium Propeller and Shroud. Leveraging Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for optimising performance and rigorous real-world testing, Lift Foils ensures their products consistently exceed expectations.

Compatible with all Lift eFoil models, the Lift Jet has an intuitive installation process that includes all necessary hardware.

The Lift Jet comes highly recommended for its innovative enclosed impeller design, which prioritises rider safety while enhancing overall performance, making it the ideal choice for eFoiling enthusiasts of all levels.