Ferragamo Pre-Spring 22


Enriching, expanding, evolving: the Salvatore Ferragamo Pre-Spring 22 collection repurposes our heritage of innovation to reflect the positive future ahead.

Updating the Ferragamo vocabulary while staying true to its fundamental expression, the collection combines modern craftsmanship (epitomised by the look 20 dress in colourfully marbled and fringed fil coupe) with the future-facing and sustainable values encapsulated in look 17’s upcycled patchwork leather dress.

The collection was photographed at the Museo Marino Marini in Florence, a space whose past incarnations, as first a church, and then a factory, have always been updated to reflect the present. Most recently it was repurposed for love: reshaped by Marina, the wife of artist Marino Marini, to be a space dedicated to his creation.

The collection is modelled by Sara Grace Wallerstedt and Daniel P – a duo imagined in the tradition of nouvelle vague – as they consider Marini’s sculptural legacy. In turn the collection reflects the multiple facets of Ferragamo’s progressive aesthetic and the diverse characteristics of those who wear it. This season’s ‘couple’, united by the intimacy of their regard for the art around them, is placed in the museum to reflect the observation of J.M.G. Le Clézio: “the function of a museum is not to show us pieces or art but give us the opportunity, the tools, to look at ourselves through those objects”.