Gulf Craft


Gulf Craft, a renowned global boat and luxury yacht manufacturer, returns to Qatar to present its latest product line-up.

In a remarkable display, Gulf Craft recently showcased its extraordinary range of vessels in Qatar, aiming to captivate the local clientele with carefully curated options. The impressive fleet included the new long-range adventure yacht, Nomad 70, the breathtaking SilverCat 46 LUX (the largest catamaran in Gulf Craft’s collection), the SilverCat 40 LUX and the Oryx 379 sport cruiser.

These meticulously chosen vessels catered to the specific preferences of Qatari customers, addressing their passion for adventure and fishing. The visit to Qatar, in collaboration with the company’s Qatari dealer Gulf Yachts, emphasises Gulf Craft’s commitment to the local market and the wider Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

Mohammed Hussein Alshaali, Chairman of Gulf Craft, expressed his delight in presenting the latest offerings to the company’s loyal clients in Qatar, saying: “Our dedication to the region has been a driving force behind our success and returning to Qatar is a testament to this commitment. Our innovative spirit has propelled us from building small fishing boats to becoming one of the world’s leading yacht builders. Although our vessels are located all across the globe, the GCC will always be our home.”

Ghassan AlBinali, CEO of Gulf Yachts, added to these sentiments by saying: “We’re excited to welcome Gulf Craft to Qatar and to have had the chance to highlight its latest vessels. Catamarans are very popular with our discerning clients here in Qatar, so we were delighted to show them the new SilverCat 46 LUX for the very first time in the country.”

With an impressive array of options, ranging from the striking Nomad 70 and Gulf Craft’s flagship sports cruiser Oryx 379 to the perfect fishing boat SilverCat 46 LUX, Gulf Craft offers something for every sophisticated sea lover.