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McLaren x Richard Mille

RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail

This remarkable and unique watch honours the fastest, most advanced and most exotic road car McLaren has yet produced – the futuristic looking Speedtail. Based on the form of a teardrop, the most aerodynamically efficient shape found in nature, the Speedtail is the apotheosis of the streamlined hypercar, a three-seat hyper grand tourer that became the third car in McLaren’s Ultimate line-up.

To protect the RM 40-01’s state-of-the-art movement, Richard Mille developed a unique upper crystal featuring a ‘triple contour’ to account for the decreasing taper and thickness of the bezel. It alone took 18 months to perfect.

The strap is also a unique design, being asymmetrical and with the rubber version using Vulculor® technology from Biwi SA, a special process that enables coloured rubber to be over-moulded – so allowing the iconic McLaren orange accent coloured stripe seen at 6 o’clock on the movement to extend to the wrist.

Grade 5 titanium has been used for key components such as the bridges, the bridge screws, the baseplate and the rotor core. The CRMT4 movement that drives the RM 40-01 introduces the mechanism’s first power reserve display as well as the oversize date and function selector complications, all of which are firsts at Richard Mille for an in-house tourbillon.

From $1,000,000


Sartorial Backpack

The Montblanc Sartorial Collection is a hybrid between timeless classic design and bold contemporary style. Comfortable and convenient, this backpack of choice is for fearless entrepreneurs or creative mavericks, featuring the signature M-shape pocket on the front of the bag.



Roadlite: On 7

An elegant, fast fitness bike with an extra kick: put your endurance to the test and power through your workouts with our flagship Roadlite:ON bike. This bike truly stands out from the rest thanks to its clean design, modern component set, and compliment of high-end carbon parts.