Blending comfort, luxury, and social distancing – The Art Hotel & Resort in Bahrain presents a staycation choice that ticks all the right boxes; golden sands, turquoise shores,and scenic views. Sara Waddah checks in.

Located in the heart of Amwaj Islands, The Art Hotel & Resort is somewhat of a contemporary oasis with all the classic values of luxury hospitality. It welcomes couples, families and visitors of all age groups to enjoy an array of activities that cater to everyone. The grand lobby will leave you in awe. With a very quick and easy check-in process, I received the keys to my room for the weekend and was ready for complete bliss!

The Classic King Club Room offers the best of contemporary furnishings as well as inroom technology consisting of free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, tea and coffee-makers as well as a mini fridge, making sure that my stay is as convenient and comfortable as possible. Located on a private beach that overlooks the Gulf, all the rooms overlook the glittering waters – giving guests an astounding view from wherever you are in the hotel. Goals or what?! The king-size bed is perfection.

With beautifully fresh linen, your body sinks right to the centre, taking you immediately up above the islands and onto a cloud. I promise, a sleep in this hotel room will hit different! With a very prestigious marble bathroom, this little piece of paradise belonged to me for the next 24 hours – and I was so excited to discover the other surprises that the resort had in store! Heading down to the private beach, lively chatter and laughter filled the air as different groups enjoyed their time under the sun.

With the help of their super active onground team, lifeguards helped coordinate volleyball games, a massive floaty as well as a selection of different water activities that are accessible to anyone staying at the hotel. As I enjoyed the afternoon soaking in the Vitamin D, the Wu Lounge (easily accessible from the beach) made sure guests remained hydrated as well as ensuring that our appetite was taken care of with a selection of delectable beach bites. We weren’t done with this restaurant just yet though – we even had the chance to join a beautiful Chinese New Year dinner at which they were able to serve us some of the freshest sushi.

Coming to the end of our first day at the resort, the staycation was far from over. Watching the fluorescent lights of the Amwaj Marina lighting up the skyline from the room, it was one of the most relaxing endings to my day. Promptly on time the next morning, the in-room breakfast was brought in – still hot out of the kitchen – and indulged in the comfort of the beautiful bed. If life was a movie, this scene would’ve been the opening, without a doubt. At midday I headed downstairs to one of the family-favourite Italian restaurant, Rosso, for an al fresco brunch served by the fountain.

Offering us cold starters, the finest cuts of grilled meat and then their specialities, pizza and pasta, this outdoor brunch set the tone for the rest of the week – carefree, easygoing, fun and delicious! Perfect for those wanting to indulge in some freshly-made Italian food whilst enjoying the sun. With seats carefully organised around the fountain, this also gave parents room to allow their little ones to enjoy the open air whilst keeping an eye on them from a distance.

Newly rebranded, The Art Hotel & Resort remains one of the perfect getaways in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With excellent amenities, a wide variety of different restaurants, activities and scenic views, this hotel makes it close to impossible to turn down, especially with the even more attractive prices and packages. It would make absolutely no sense for you not to check it out for yourself!