The Santoni collection is once again a pure expression of Italian artisanal artistry and Hadag is here for it…

Everything is softly made. Lines are reduced to the pure essence. Even the coloured patinas so typical of Santoni gain an impalpable transparency in the almost imperceptible nuances that land a gentle allure to the iconic styles – double or single monkstraps, with or without fringes.

To accentuate the idea of subtraction, soles and heels are left untouched in their natural hide. The crocodile styles are interpreted softly, too. Braided piping draws 3d profiles on slippers and loafers, in a quest for the exquisite virtuoso that is subtle and never ostentatious. Unstructured and lightweight, lace-ups, ankle boots and desert boots have a lived-in elegance that also characterizes the boating styles.

Light nuances juxtaposed in pictorial ways give the sneakers a tactile and sophisticated softness. The choice of materials and colours conveys the message: suede, nabuck, unlined calf, ultra-soft crocodile, in a neutral and calm palette of light grays, taupe, sand and white.

This season the collection will be presented during a karaoke in the little terrace of Giacomo Rosticceria. The protagonists of the happening, conceived by Flaccavento/Pippolini and built around an anthology of songs on the topic of ice cream, are the iceScreamers: the guests themselves, involved in first person, singing and having fun. The reward for the karaoke contest is double: the collection, with shoes offered as trophies for the best singers, and the ice creams created for the occasion by chef Paolo Brunelli.

These are no normal ice creams, but Santoni ice creams: stringati, patinati and handcrafted, because everything comes together, in the name of a manual dexterity and a joy of colour which are quintessentially Italian and undeniably Santoni.