High perfumery house, Amouage is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the release of two new Exceptional Extraits: Dia 40 Woman and Jubilation 40 Man.

Recognising the importance of the occasion, it was clear a truly remarkable addition to the brand’s assortment of scents would be needed, which would also pay homage to Amouage’s rich heritage. Renaud Salmon, Chief Creative Officer, recognised an ideal opportunity to extend the acclaimed collection of Exceptional Extraits which are dosed at an extremely high percentage.

Two perfumes were especially suited to the project. Composed in 2002 by Jean-Claude Ellena, Dia Woman has always been one of the most tenderly feminine floral bouquets. And Jubilation XXV Man was released as a marker of another important chapter in the brand’s story – its 25th anniversary in 2008.

Dia 40 Woman

The task of creating this more intoxicating version of Dia Woman fell to Alexandra Carlin. A perfumer renowned for her technical skills, she maintained the distinctive elegance of the 2002 composition while making its base even more profound and sumptuous.

At the scent’s opening, the familiar aldehydes lend delicacy to a veil of daylight-blush musks. Next comes the grand floral quartet of rose, orange blossom, carnation and ylang-ylang: vivid ingredients that combine their textures to create a regal vision of femininity. In the closing stages, orris, sandalwood and amyris glow with a luminous aura. Effervescent and light-hearted, yet exuding refinement, Dia 40 Woman sings of eternal beauty.

Jubilation 40 Man

For this even more celebratory incarnation of Jubilation XXV Man, Amouage turned to its original creator, Bertrand Duchaufour.

Retaining the instantly recognisable blackberry opening, the scent now reveals dry, tart hints of blackcurrant. This makes way for the perfume’s majestic heart: genet unfurls within a burst of honeyed tobacco notes while regal frankincense cuts through the narcotic warmth of balsams and resins. Eventually, the scent settles on a heart-stopping dry-down of patchouli, cistus and opoponax. Flaming with magnificence and a lust for adventure, Jubilation 40 man captures the essence of masculine sophistication.