Mercedes-Benz have created a real competitor in the mid-sized luxury SUV segment with the new GLE 450 and Hadag got comfortable in the driver’s seat to bring you the verdict…

It is clear that every internal feature in the GLE has been carefully and beautifully designed to ensure a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Who isn’t a fan of the MercedesBenz brand? Much like lovers of luxury cars, we’ve been fortunate enough to test drive a variety of their high-end vehicles recently, and the newest in their repertoire of beautiful vehicles is the GLE 450. With over 115 years of automobile m a nu f a c t u r i n g experience, the production of countless premium-class vehicles and a desire to always improve on previous offerings, it is no wonder that the Mercedes-Benz logo is one of the most prestigious and recognised emblems in the world.

This month, we were given the opportunity to test drive the 2020 MercedesBenz GLE 450 4Matic by the fantastic team at Al-Haddad Motors. If exterior is where your interest lies, you’ll be happy to know that we were most impressed by the way in which the body of the GLE manages to find a perfect balance between elegance and power. Its smooth yet bold lines and curves flow effortlessly from front to rear, ensuring this vehicle will draw admiration on the roads. At the front, the glistening diamond radiator grille complete with head-sized Mercedes-Benz badge, announces the arrival of this SUV like a royal trumpeter.

Frontal features include sporty aprons, large air inlets as well as state-of-theart LED technology headlamps. At the sides, you can get up to 22-inch, light-alloy wheels emphasise the powerful nature of this 4×4 SUV and adds to the desire to get the GLE out onto the tarmac. At the rear, the GLE displays bold lines between the C-pillar and rear lamps, whilst the dual silver exhaust system not only adds to the robust presence of the vehicle but also hints at its on-road performance capabilities.

The premium standard set by the GLE’s exterior is complemented by the vehicle’s equally beautiful interior. The stunning SUV design details, including all trim, materials, finishes and impressive digital displays ensure that it is a first-class experience from the moment you slip inside. The seats are supportive, heated, comfortable and provide the ideal driving position. There is ample leg and head room throughout the vehicle, and the GLE offers an optional third row of seats. The cargo area is large enough to support a family run to the airport and a first aid kit is provided for emergencies. Luxury and safety – we love that. The ambient lighting is simply stunning and changes when one adjusts certain settings. With 64 colours to choose from, this feature adds an additional touch of class to an already impressive interior. In the centre console, there is a stylish tray that is opened by pushing a latch.

Inside are two adjustable cup holders and a wireless charging system. It is clear that every internal feature in the GLE has been carefully and beautifully designed to ensure a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. The infotainment system is hailed by many experts as the best in the car industry. Mercedes have provided all options when it comes to controllability. The entire system can be controlled via a pad on the central console, via touchscreen, via buttons on the steering wheel and via voice control. The gage cluster is also regarded by many as a cut above the rest. It is exceptionally configurable, allowing you to individually position your desired content items.

Both display screens are 12.3-inches and sit under a stylish glass cover. Once out on the road, the GLE 450 4Matic continues to impress. This beauty of a machine houses a 3.0-litre, turbo-charged, 6-cylinder engine with integrated starter alternator that produces 367 hp and 369 ft-lb of torque. This ensures this Mercedes model has decent acceleration as well as a respectable top speed of around 253km/h.

The suspension of this 4×4 absorbs the bumps well ensuring a smooth ride. The cabin is quiet and the visibility is really good, assisted by large mirrors. The breaking, handling and grip of the vehicle are all effective and one always feels in complete control, even at higher speeds and around sharp corners. A notable feature is the Parking Space Search Feature. At the push of a button, the vehicle will not only locate an available parking space, but parallel park the vehicle for you.

Plenty of safety features have been included as standard on the GLE, but additional packages such as the Driving Assistance Package and the Parking Package with 360-degree camera are also available. Energising Comfort Control is yet another option and takes driver-fitness safety to an entirely new level. Luxury is the name of the game here and any dapper gent will be in awe of the GLE 450. The car is set to take the mid-sized luxury SUV segment by storm and we encourage all those in Bahrain who are seeking a high-performance, functional, practical, premium SUV to give AlHaddad Motors a call on 1778 5454. Book a first-class test drive of your very own, today.