Personable, Powerful, and Prestigious

Hadag spent the day in the all-new Eletre S, a fully electric, high-performance SUV created by the masterminds at Lotus.

Established in 1952, Lotus is an iconic British multinational a u t o m o t i v e manufacturer famous for producing some of the finest luxury sports and race cars over the last 75 years. They have recently expanded their repertoire to include high-quality electric lifestyle vehicles – models shaking up the battery-powered motoring world.

This month, Hadag received an invitation from Adamas Motor Group to test drive the brand’s latest creation, the Lotus Eletre S. We immediately accepted and soon found ourselves staring open-mouthed at this exciting creation.


It took but an instant for us to fall head over heels in love with the new Eletre S. The exterior of this cutting-edge machine can only be described as the epitome of superior craftsmanship.

From head-on, we were mesmerised by the immaculate bonnet with its two exit vents designed to maximise performance. We also appreciated how the sharp leading-edge hints at the car’s lineage connection with the Emira and Evija.

Sitting stylishly above this line are super-slim, technical light clusters housing daytime running lights and scrolling directional indicators. The full LED headlights with Matrix technology, are housed below, recessed and partially hidden. We later discovered these units emit a constant high beam without dazzling oncoming traffic or the vehicle in front.

Situated underneath this unique lighting setup is the Eletre’s active front grille. This hugely impressive element alone is a testament to Lotus’ exceptional design capabilities.

We took our time admiring the streamlined nature of the exterior design. It flows effortlessly from the front to the four-door flanks, with the bold leading edge of the shapely bonnet continuing round into the front fenders, wheel arches and, ultimately, the length of the vehicle as a feature line. Simply exquisite! Above this, the Eletre displays taut and muscular lines, with aerodynamic elements prominent below.

It was side on that we could fully appreciate the vehicle’s cab-forward stance, ‘floating’ D-pillars, tapering roofline, long wheelbase and short overhangs at both front and rear. Additionally, we found the visual lightness of this vehicle to create the impression of a highriding sports car rather than an SUV.

Shifting our focus to the back end, we acknowledged the full-width ribbon light strip that effortlessly combines with the feature line from the profile. This strip glows red when the vehicle is in motion and includes a scrolling directional indicator at each end, where it curves gently into the air outlets from the wheel arches. Our favourite feature of the rear, however, has to be the motorsport-inspired, cantilevered carbon fibre ‘floating’ split roof spoiler. The centre section has been removed to reduce weight, allowing the integration of the LIDAR sensor into the top of the glass.

“The exterior of this cutting-edge machine can only be described as the epitome of superior craftmanship.”


Once inside the Eletre, we sat in stunned silence, absorbing the sheer mastery of what Lotus have managed to achieve.

The intoxicating nature of the performance-orientated and technical interior is complemented by the abundance of space, allowing up to five people to travel comfortably. This practical feature is enhanced by the panoramic sunroof, equipped with 10 different settings to adjust the amount of light transmitted into the cabin.

The cockpit is driver-focused, with the design of the high centre console drawing inspiration from the Lotus Emira and Evija. The layering of sustainable, high-end materials and textures ensures a genuinely premium feel, augmented by a triangular theme we recognised from the front grille and in many other locations around the cabin.

We collectively praised the uncluttered nature of the instrument panel, with everything seeming to be in the right place for ultimate functionality. The floating wing’s central section has been taken out, highlighting Lotus’ philosophy of removing any unnecessary materials from the setup.

Further adding to the practical nature of the interior design is the wealth of storage space on offer throughout. We identified a storage tray with wireless phone charging functionality in the centre console, as well as two cup holders that remain flush with the surface until required. Each door provides storage space that can hold a one-litre bottle. Rear passengers also have access to a charging mat. When the middle seat of the standard three-seat configuration isn’t in use, it can be lowered to become an armrest complete with two deployable cupholders.


Although the Eletre’s interior and exterior designs are sublime, the included tech sets Lotus’ new luxury SUV apart from many would-be rivals in the segment.

The new creation houses an intelligent ‘Digital Cockpit’ that uses the latest technology to enhance the driving experience by combining exceptionally rendered graphics, super-fast responses and intuitive operation. Making its debut in the Eletre is Lotus Hyper OS – an all-new operating system that delivered a seamless interactive experience.

In the Eletre, 5G compatibility ensures the best possible connectivity, while its software-overthe-air capability ensures the Digital Cockpit is always up to date, meaning it continuously improves over time.

We must mention the virtual personal assistant we interacted with that can follow audio commands. By saying “Hi Lotus, I’m hot” for example, the cabin temperature will instantly adjust as required.

The deployable, slimline central touchscreen with its 15.1-inch HD OLED design is one of the best we have experienced. It displays amazingly crisp and clear images, using over 16 million colours.

The front passenger seat has access to its own high-definition touchscreen, enabling the front passenger to control media playback and see information corresponding to voice control commands. In the rear, we could control climate settings, seat adjustments, ambient lighting and media playback through a further HD touchscreen.

The 12.6-inch HD OLED instrument cluster located behind the steering wheel, coupled with a 29-inch head-up display, allowed us to keep our eyes on the road at all times. We found the projected graphics clear and relevant, providing the driver with key information such as navigation or advanced driver assistance alerts. This made it quicker and easier for us to understand what was happening around us, reducing distraction and enhancing safety.

One must-mention feature is the smartphone app developed by Lotus specifically for the Eletre. It enables the owner to interact with the vehicle remotely. Via this app, we could change the climate control settings, purify the cabin air, lock and unlock the car and remotely park the SUV in tight parallel, perpendicular and diagonal spaces!


As Lotus have been producing iconic race cars for many decades, it was no surprise that the brand gave extra focus to on-road performance.

Combining an aerodynamic exterior design, a state-of-the-art powertrain, all-wheel drive traction, an active air suspension and exceptional handling, steering and active systems, the Eletre S proved nothing short of a tamed beast on the tarmac. Powered by a single electric motor, this SUV produces 603hp and 710Nm of torque, enabling it to reach an electronically capped top speed of 258km/h.

When testing the car’s acceleration, we left our stomachs behind as we surged from 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds. Later, Adamas Motors revealed that the flagship Eletre R model, powered by two electric motors, can accomplish the same feat in a mere 2.95 seconds! Yes, you read that correctly. After effortlessly bringing our test model to a stop, we sat quietly, smiling sheepishly at one another, processing the power we had just experienced.

This exceptional SUV boasts an all-electric range of up to 600km and a fast-charging option from 10-80% in just 20 minutes, proving this SUV is not only performance-oriented but practical in every way.


As expected, the new Eletre has a full suite of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). To ensure occupant safety, the master engineers at Lotus have installed a full complement of state-of-the-art sensors: 34 in total. These include four deployable LIDAR, six radar, seven 8MP HD cameras, and 12 ultrasonic sensors. Combined, they ensure the vehicle has a true 360° view of the world around it, thereby minimising accidents and mishaps.

The combination of advanced technology, software and over-the-air feature updates means the Eletre provides the latest ADAS functionality, including Level 4 autonomous driving capability.

During our time with this outstanding SUV and the helpful team at Adamas Motors, we discovered the car to feature Highway Assist, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Mitigation Support Front & Rear, Traffic Sign Information, Door Open Warning, Front & Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Change Assist, Life Detection & Care, Lane Keep Aid with Lane Departure Warning / Prevention, Emergency Rescue Call and a Driver Monitoring System that assists the driver when unfocused. The Life Detection & Care system functions to protect children and pets inadvertently locked inside the vehicle.


Lotus have taken innovation, ingenuity and the ultimate in performance-orientated design to the next level with their first all-electric hyper-SUV.

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