Project 405’s Vision

An intriguing look behind the busy scenes at Royal Huisman’s shipyard reveals the impressive full-scale mockup for the 46m high-performance cruiser sloop Reichel / Pugh – Nauta 151.

This versatile sailing yacht is designed and built for very experienced Owners who presented a stimulating brief: comfort and safety to explore the world, in an extremely lightweight structure to ensure victories in superyacht regattas.

The vision with which every project starts has, for Project 405, now been brought to life with a full-scale mock-up of the aft half of the yacht’s main deck. There is no substitute for the actual experience of walking around in, touching, assessing and appreciating all aspects of an emerging construction. So, the main goals to be achieved with the mock-up were to explore, develop and optimise the conceptual ideas of the design team before construction begins, and to ensure that the owners’ lifestyle objectives are totally integrated with the engineering, systems, construction and operational requirements for the project. Team meetings in the mock-up, helped to identify opportunities and resolve potential issues relating to the use of space.

Royal Huisman’s CEO Jan Timmerman says: “In spite of Covid-19 restrictions, work on all aspects of Project 405 continues as planned. The full project team, designers, architects, our engineers are on schedule – mostly working remotely from home – so the development of the design and systems continues while our inhouse craftsmen have made a start with the production. The team meets regularly in online meetings and we are all pleased with progress so far. At this moment we are looking forward to the next milestone: the hull turning at Royal Huisman’s headquarters in Vollenhove.”