Ferrari have outdone themselves with their latest contribution to sports car perfection. Let’s take a drive in the F8 Tributo…

There are a handful of motor vehicle brands whose names, when mentioned, create a sense of excitement and expectation. Ferrari is certainly one of these and have been thrilling sports car enthusiasts for many decades with their hugely impressive creations.

When we at Hadag Magazine were offered the opportunity to test drive the all-new 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo, compliments of the fantastic team at Euro Motors, we could hardly wait to get behind the wheel. As the F8 Tributo came into view, we just stood for a few minutes, slowly absorbing the sheer beauty of this two-door, premium sports car. It was immediately obvious that aerodynamics had been of the utmost importance when this model was designed.

The purpose of the sleek yet aggressive appearance of the Tributo is clearly performance based, with every convex and concave having been configured with this objective in mind. The roof and doors have been carried over from the 488 GTB. Other than that, everything else has been specifically designed for the F8 Tributo. Ferrari has increased the overall downforce of the vehicle by 10%.

This has been achieved through various improvements to the exterior including the notable S-duct situated at the front of the vehicle, along with the air vents located above the headlamps that feed across the front wheels. The 20-inch, silver accented, alloy wheels add to the car’s already impressive appearance, whilst the new air intakes positioned at the rear flanks ensure an improved combustion process. The presence of a blown rear spoiler as well as a rear diffuser are both major contributors to this model’s increased aerodynamic efficiency. These enhancements to the body along with the flowing nature of the external design, clearly state the outstanding capabilities of this vehicle long before the ignition is engaged. Once inside the vehicle, another long pause was required, this time to soak up the internal splendour of Ferraris latest offering.

The entire interior exudes class of a premium standard with quality materials, trimmings and finishes throughout, including the attractive carbon fibre accents. The soft leather, standard seats have been restyled and offer exceptional comfort as well as a low-slung driving position, placing the driver precisely at the centre of operations. Technical features include an integrated navigation system and two LCD monitors. The new generation, smaller diameter steering wheel and steering wheel-mounted controls ensure a convenient and interactive driving experience.

All of the primary controls have been placed within range of your fingers and/or thumbs adding to the functionality of the F8. The windscreen, complete with rain sensing wipers, is both wide and deep, providing an ideal forward view for driving at speed. With this in mind, we decided it was time to get out on the tarmac. As soon as we started it up, the roar from this mid-rear-engined sports car bellowed throughout the parking area giving everyone in the vicinity an instant smile. The F8 Tributo houses a powerful V8 – 90° twin turbo, 8-cylinder engine, providing an overall displacement of 3902 ccs, as well as 530 kW of power and 770 Nm of torque. This translates to a top speed of 340 km/h! This rocket of a vehicle has the capacity to surge from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds! As we pressed down on the accelerator, we could feel the g-forces pushing us back into our seats as we left our stomachs somewhere on the road behind us.

Despite the intimidating speed on offer, this car is hugely responsive and handles magnificently thanks to the weight reduction and improved aerodynamic coefficient. The F1 7-speed dualclutch gearbox provides seamless shifting through the gears ensuring the smoothest of rides. This combined with Ferrari’s Side Slip Angle Control traction and stability-control program, ensures even the more inexperienced sports car drivers can handle the F8 Tributo like a pro.

Another notable feature is the suppleness of the suspension that handles any bumps on the road surprising well, making this vehicle functional for everyday use. By the time we had weaved our way throughout the day and back to Euro Motors, we were massively impressed by Ferrari’s latest creation. A perfect blend of aestheticbeauty, functionality and high-performance, we recommend all those out there looking to sample the ultimate in sports car design, to book a test drive and experience the F8 Tributo for themselves.