The House of Pilati

The H Collection

Luxury design company, House of Pilati, is offering one-off luxury collectables for the world’s wealthiest.

The House of Pilati, a European and Middle Eastern design company that creates one-off custom luxury goods, has officially launched.

Headed up by Patrick Pilati (known as Shawal in the Art World) – a luxury curator with more than 15 years of expertise catering to UHNWIs – House of Pilati will create bespoke items akin to works of art.

The first collection by House of Pilati will include custom luxury cars with modified interiors and exteriors. Future planned collections include fine art and photography, as well as bespoke jewellery. Each exclusive collection is personally overseen by Pilati. His creative vision and dedication to producing works of art that will be coveted by the world’s wealthiest ensure the most elegance, and refinement.

Designed for the most discerning individuals, rare materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and EuropeanMiddle Eastern elegance underpin each of House of Pilati’s coveted collections.


The first collection by the House of Pilati will include four bespoke luxury cars, inspired by Middle Eastern heritage.

Meticulously designed, each car is hand-built to House of Pilati’s exact specifications by Ares Design Modena, a coach building team in Italy with the approval of the car’s marque.

The initial renderings for each car will be sold at a private auction of select buyers. Once purchased, the build will start, with each car expected to take about a year to complete.