Ferrari have done themselves proud with the latest Portofino model.

When one thinks of the most iconic sports car brands on the planet, Ferrari has to be at the forefront of one’s consideration. Ferrari began its quest for global domination in the 1940’s and achieved its first Formula One victory a few short years later at the British Grand Prix in 1951. One year later, it obtained its first Driver’s Championship. Today, the brand holds nearly every Formula One record in existence.

It has also achieved great success in other racing arenas including the 24 Hour Le Mans and the World Sportscar Championships. When looking at their on-road collection, Ferrari have produced more of the most beautiful, powerful and technologically superior luxury sports cars than any other brand. When we were offered the opportunity to test drive the new 2020 Ferrari Portofino, compliments of the fantastic team at Ferrari Bahrain, we accepted without hesitation. We at Hadag Magazine have been privileged to inspect some top-quality sports cars over the years, but we can honestly say that standing in front of the 2020 Portofino made us feel like children again, filled with awe and wonder. The exterior of this vehicle is breath-taking and it is easy to see that the aerodynamic development process was involved in every single aspect of its design.

This aggressively styled car has a two-box fastback configuration complete with retractable hardtop. This is unprecedented in a coupé-convertible which once again shows Ferrari’s mould breaking approach to sports car design. The brand’s master craftsmen have managed to effortlessly blend the sporty character of this model with a sleek and elegant feel. This combined with the subtle interplay of concave and convex surfaces, results in a motor vehicle that is simply beautiful to look at. At the front end, the large central radiator grille flanked by two side air intakes, new headlights and enlarged bonnet vents all add to the Portofino’s powerful presence.

At the sides, the flowing lines and curves highlight the flawless nature of this vehicle whilst emphasising its sturdy stance. At the rear, twin jet engine taillights and twin dual exhaust system add further class to an already exceptional design. The carefully developed interior has been immaculately configured and as one would expect from a Ferrari, boasts only the very finest of materials, trimmings and finishes. The cabin space exudes a stylish compactness and is symmetrically arranged to ensure functionality. The 18-way electrical adjustable seats are heated, supportive and exceptionally comfortable.

The multifunctional sports steering wheel feels perfectly placed which gives you an immediate sense of control. There is a decent amount of room on offer in both the front and back seats, a definite improvement on previous models, whilst the compact boot still allows enough space for a small bag or two.

“The exterior of this vehicle is breath-taking and it is easy to see that the aerodynamic development process was involved in every single aspect of its design.”

The infotainment system is operated through a 10.5-inch touchscreen located at the centre of the dashboard in easy reach of both the driver and front passenger. The Portofino’s HMI (HumanMachine-Interface) includes an instrument panel and dual TFT displays arranged around the rev counter.

We found this system to be very userfriendly and efficient in nature, giving the driver easy access to a multitude of information, features and settings. As with any sports car, the true test of its worth is in its on-road performance. The 2020 Portofino houses a 3.9-litre, twin turbo, V8 engine and believe us when we tell you, it sounds exactly like you would want your sports car to sound. This engine delivers a power output of 600 cv at 7500 rpm which translates to a top speed of 320 km/h. This enables this vehicle to rocket from 0-100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds and from 0-200 km/h in 10.8 seconds.

With an engine this powerful, an extremely efficient braking system is required which the Portofino certainly has, allowing it to decelerate from 100 – 0 km/h over just 34 meters. We were blown away by how well this car stuck to the tarmac at high speeds as well as its effortless handing of corners. All-in-all we have to say that the new Portofino is one of the most enjoyable and impressive vehicles we have ever had the opportunity of test-driving.

We can not encourage you strongly enough to contact Ferrari Bahrain on +973 1773 4734 to book an unforgettable test-drive of your very own.