This is PHI

Lifting the veil on the radical, fast displacement aluminium motoryacht, Royal Huisman’s PHI will be the world’s longest motoryacht below 500 GT.

Until now, PHI’s length was a mysterious “55m+”. With her launch coming up, her actual overall length was revealed to be: 58.5m / 192ft, which makes her – based on the latest Classification rules – by far the longest motoryacht in the sub-500GT category.

PHI’s sleek, low hull and superstructure profile are considered by outsiders to be a great challenge to engineer and build. But Royal Huisman has delivered over thirty lowprofile and unique, award winning sailing superyachts, and is not intimidated by the prospect of fitting complex motoryacht systems and technology into sleek, low hulls. The team has all the knowledge and experience at hand to explore, develop and optimise the ideas of the owner, designers and architect into tailormade solutions – using proven expertise for a brand-new creation without any shipyard requirement of adapting an existing basis of previously delivered yachts.

PHI offers significantly more exterior and semiinterior entertainment area on the aft deck than conventional designs, and instead of a typical “wedding cake” silhouette, she will have a very sleek and appealing low profile.

Another “first” can be found on the pool deck with Cor D. Rover’s patented DEPP swimming pool. This pool uses a minimum volume of fresh water since the body of water can stay in the pool, heated and treated overnight, when not in use. The pool itself turns into a sealed tank and visa-versa at the touch of a button, avoiding lengthy pumping of water in and out of a separate, dedicated dump tank, which means, guests can first play a game on top of the flush pool cover and swim within five minutes in the pool that is underneath.

Complementing motoryacht PHI will be a 36m / 118ft shadow vessel, which is currently under construction at Alia Yachts. Carrying the same DNA as her bigger “beauty queen” sister, the shadow vessel is the hard-working sibling. She too will have Cor D. Rover styling and a patented Van Oossanen Fast Displacement Hull, but her “make-up” will be a no-filler-matt- finish (albeit in the same colour scheme as her big show-off sister). PHI will, upon launch, will surely leave an impression.