ZEGNA new eyewear collection

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ZEGNA has launched a new eyewear collection, featuring elegant transparencies and innovative aesthetics.

ZEGNA, a brand renowned for its luxury fashion items, has unveiled its latest eyeglasses collection in collaboration with Marcolin. This season has an elegant and innovative aesthetic that reflects the brand’s journey in search of new forms. With versatile and contemporary frames, ZEGNA eyewear has distinctive details that enhance its refined workmanship.

The selection features glasses with a unique contrast of different shapes and transparencies, from classic silhouettes to casual styles and sporty frames. Carefully sculpted to complement new style codes, the brand’s elegance and sophistication are expressed through different shapes and transparencies, creating eyewear that’s both classic and modern.

The ZEGNA sunglasses collection has several styles, including EZ0210, a navigator silhouette with a contoured leather insert on the bridge, while EZ0211-H is a soft squared Leggerissimo style with different sizes for a perfect fit. The EZ0212 model has a modern Leggerissimo pilot silhouette with a geometric shape and features a double bridge, whereas EZ0213 has a rimless navigator frame with a suspended double bridge creating a single profile.

Additionally, EZ0214 is a sharp, squared frame with a geometric design and bold volumes. The temples of this acetate style have a core with Vicuña enamel on the inner side that reproduces the ZEGNA 232 road brand mark.

The ZEGNA optical collection also features several styles, including EZ5247, a Leggerissimo navigator silhouette with thin rims in acetate, and EZ5249-H, a light, slim pantos silhouette that ensures an extremely comfortable fit. The EZ5250-H model has a square browline injected frame with Vicuña pins inserted on the frame front.

The EZ5252-H titanium frame, with a round front and a thin, elegant shape, is characterised by its comfortable fit. The front of the temples is decorated with the new ZEGNA 232 road brand mark, celebrating road 232 of Oasi ZEGNA and the new ZEGNA logo.

The EZ5253 square frames with a geometric design have different thicknesses on the frame front and temples. It is characterised by temples with a Vicuña enamel core on the inner side that reproduces the ZEGNA 232 road brand mark, while the new ZEGNA logo decorates the outside of the temples.

With this new collection, ZEGNA has once again proved that it’s at the forefront of luxury fashion, creating eyewear that’s both elegant and innovative. So, if you’re looking for stylish and sophisticated glasses that are modern yet timeless, this new season is definitely worth checking out. It is available exclusively in ZEGNA boutiques and Rivoli Eyezone stores across the region.