Love hitting the waves? The battery-powered and super stylish LIFT3 F should be on every water sports lover’s radar…

Lift Foils, the creator of the original electric hydrofoil, or eFoil, and the preeminent leader in the eFoiling space, has unveiled the latest addition to their thrilling handcrafted line-up of boards, the LIFT3 F. The most user-friendly, easy to ride and super stylish eFoil to date, the LIFT3 F features several new advancements designed to maximise the ride experience without sacrificing the quality or technology for which Lift Foils is known.

While traditionally Lift Foils’ boards have been made of carbon fibre, the LIFT3 F features a proprietary fibreglass blend crafted in-house by Lift’s engineers. Tiny strands of fibreglass are melted down into an ultra-sturdy material and formed into the most optimal, aerodynamic shape for hydrofoiling. This results in an incredibly stable ride that newer and more casual riders will greatly appreciate.

The LIFT3 F is produced in two versatile sizes, allowing riders to fly solo or share the experience with friends and family. The LIFT3 F 4’9 offers a great mix of performance and stability for beginners or those who want to grow their skills over time, while the 5’4 offers more space for the whole family to ride. Both boards are offered in two vibrant new colour options: Sea Foam Green or Vermillion Red.

Every LIFT3 F comes stock with a 28” carbon fibre mast. For those looking for a sporty, yet easy to ride experience, Lift Foils pairs the mast with the carbon fibre 200 Surf V2 wing, offering excellent stability and glide for riders of all experience levels. For new riders getting comfortable with eFoiling, the 250 Surf V2 offers even more stability, making it the ideal choice for new riders or families traveling at a slower speed.

All Lift eFoils are powered by a lithium-ion battery, resulting in a virtually silent experience that allows riders to be one with nature as they glide across the water, without any harmful environmental impact.

Available for the first time, Lift Foils has also developed a new Light Battery, which offers up to a full hour of ride time, but with a significant weight reduction from the Full Range Battery. Not only does this reduce the overall weight of the board making for easier transport without compromise to performance, but it also lowers the overall cost to experience Lift Foils’ industry-leading ride experience.

Priced at $9,995 (Light battery), $10,995 (Full Range battery), the LIFT3 F is Lift’s most pioneering board to date.

As with every Lift Foil, safety remains the top priority, and as such, the LIFT3 F carries all the same safety features of the original LIFT3, including auto-shutoff when the controller hits the water, an advanced prop guard and an app with support videos and wireless firmware updates as new innovations are made.